There is nothing more pleasant than taking the road to make a road trip, isn’t it? The only bad thing is when we forget something. So we made this checklist with 11 items that you need to take on a road trip.

Are you in the mood to embark on a  trip  (even if it’s a weekend, without going too far)? If the money is short ( checked ) or the idea is to feel the wind on your face, how about a road trip?

After choosing the destination and packing (with  perfect looks for traveling , of course), there are some no less important details: the essential items to make your  car trip  comfortable and without headaches.

With you: the check-list with which you – definitely – can not forget on a ride on four wheels (and less fundamental things, but that will help you have a more peaceful trip).

1. Snacks, snacks and more snacks

It is not always possible to know where there will be good stops on the road – let alone be sure when the hunger will hit. So it is worth having packages of snacks, crackers,  nuts  (more or less healthy, the choice is yours!) … The advantage? Because they are not perishable, they do not suffer from the heat inside the car and can be saved for the return if they are not consumed. Oh, don’t forget a bottle of water too.

2. A basic first aid kit

It is to be expected that you, the responsible girl, have separated a small bag with daily medicines and some emergency medications, such as antipyretic, antiallergic, remedies for the intestinal tract, dressings … But, depending on the situation, leave it at the door -malas will only complicate your life. How about reserving a little place in the bag for some items, like nausea pills and painkillers?

Tip: depending on the time of the trip and the passengers (elderly and children, for example), it is super recommended to ask for a list of medicines for the doctor.

3. Pillows and blankets

There are models of rest pillows   adjustable to the seat belt available on the internet, but in the absence of them a common pillow or pillow (provided it does not take up too much space) can be your lifeline. The same goes for that sofa blanket that barely makes any volume.

4. Handy gadget chargers

Okay, nowadays they are among the first items on the travel checklist. But a good idea is to gather your chargers (smartphone, Kindle, tablet, camera, GPS…) in a case – yes, those for schoolchildren – or an exclusive bag. In addition to having them handy in the car, you will always know where they are during the trip.

5. A lean version of the jar

The same goes for the first aid kit: you need to have access to some items before reaching your final destination. Examples? Lip balm,  sunscreen , hand cream …

6. Tissues

Its functions go far beyond relieving the cold: napkin, cloth, washcloth for meals …

7. Umbrella

Yes, at some point you will have to get out of the car – and it will not be in the middle of a storm that you will want to take your umbrella out of the trunk.

8. Creative hooks and holders

Children on board? We just love the idea of ​​using a shoe rack as a racket holder. You can put toys, sucks and everything else that she can achieve alone.

9. Professional excerpts

Yes, they exist and are for sale on the internet – including thermal versions.

10. More food

Making delicacies at home can be a good preparation for the trip: homemade cakes, chopped fruits,  natural sandwiches  and snacks are great alternatives for  easy recipes . Ah, it is worth paying attention to the need for utensils: disposable forks attached with masking tape can break the biggest branch!