Some say that this was a lost year, others that the period brought different lessons. Although there are different opinions, among the lessons of 2020, it is how much care is really important.

Self-care and the adoption of healthy habits are measures that contribute to disease prevention and also to mental and physical well-being. Check out six steps to take better care of your health in 2021 and make a difference in your routine!

  1. Start with small changes

According to the doctor. Sandra Oyama, cooperative medical nutritionist at Unimed Guarulhos, some attitudes like drinking plenty of water is a good start. “ The average consumption should be two liters of water per day. This helps immunity, eliminates toxins in the urine, improves intestinal functioning and does not confuse thirst with hunger ”, he explains.

Another point is the way to eat . So many changes in daily life like the home office, increased workload or more time with the whole family at home can affect the timing of meals. “Eating calmly and chewing at least 20 to 30 times helps to facilitate digestion and the absorption of vitamins and minerals”, she says. reduction of excesses, in addition to preventing reflux or gastritis.

The colors on the plate can make 2021 lighter! Including greens and vegetables in the menu increases the amounts of vitamins, minerals and fibers in the body, which are important for keeping the intestinal bacterial flora balanced.

  1. Attention to food planning

Plan to keep healthy changes aside. According to the nutrologist, the ideal is to organize to maintain four to five meals a day, avoiding long periods without food and the famous snacks .

In 2020, people spent more time at home, which may increase the trend of consumption of ready-to-eat food ordered by delivery. Consequently, these options end up being industrialized and have high levels of saturated fat and salt. For this reason, planning is essential, as it prevents the choice being made by the fastest in the rush. It is possible to combine practicality and a healthy routine, just promote food planning, for example, preparing lunch boxes and leaving them ready, frozen, having a measure at hand when necessary

  1. No radicalisms

Some people want to see quick results and initiate very restrictive diets or a high load of physical exercise for a short period, at risk of injury.  “Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is the result of a balance between the energy we consume in food and that spent on metabolism and physical activities. It is a re-education, the change in the quality of food will remain. Healthy and long-lasting weight loss will include better quality food for life , ”explains Dr. Sandra.

  1. Physical activity as important as food

Sedentary lifestyle is a factor that was even more evident in the pandemic. In November of that year, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched new guidelines regarding physical activities. According to data from the organization, one in four adults and four in five adolescents do not exercise at the necessary levels.

The recommended by the WHO is 150 to 300 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic activity per week for adults.

The doctor says that the practice of regular physical activities keeps our bodies healthy, so she suggests that this time of 150 minutes be distributed in the week with sessions of 30 minutes for five days or 50 minutes for three days. It also reinforces the importance of starting this habit gradually, respecting the limits of the body and realizing possible moments of shortness of breath or pain. The monitoring of a professional in the area is essential for good results.

  1. Make a commitment to health!

Have an appointment to organize healthy eating and practice physical activities. The nutritionist indicates that leaving clothes and equipment separate, giving priority to this habit, are ways to fulfill this commitment. “Don’t be discouraged! Soon, the benefits begin to appear as improved sleep, increased mood, decreased chronic pain. Thus, it becomes easier and more pleasurable to exercise ”, he says.

  1. Take care of the mind

In addition to the search for professional support, some attitudes can contribute to mental health, such as taking time out of the day to meditate, emptying the mind and increasing concentration. Dr. Sandra reinforces how much you need to focus on your intention, on what you most want to achieve and what matters most to you. From there, offer your effort to achieve it!

For 2021, continue to count on Unimed Guarulhos to take care of you. For a year with changes in habits and new attitudes that provide quality of life.