This text is for you who want to know  how to set up an online store on Instagram . Throughout our  Social Media courses explained that this network when used corr etament and  is one of the channels  capable of generating a large positive impact on your results. 

Because it is an extremely visual platform, it is common for users to search for products on Instagram. This behavior, in turn, makes the tools of the  between time on the journey of purchasing a customer, and make empr esas, regardless of size,  consider  using this channel to boost their sales.

With Instagram Shopping you can set up an online store on Instagram.

Instagram Shopping is a tool that allows business profiles to add product links and  people to buy in their photos and videos,  without leaving the  app. This purchase process does not  involve  e-commerce and uses only the social network environment.  

The   purchase tags in the photos and videos are similar to those used by other users, but instead of a profile it shows you the value of the item. 

If you already have an e-commerce or want to use  the social network  to sell products, we separate  the steps on  how to set up an online store on Instagram . Continue reading and learn more about it. 

How to set up an online store on  Instagram 

Before thinking about the steps on  how to set up an online store on Instagram , there are some points you should check, they are:  

  • Use the most up-to-date version of Instagram; 
  • Use the Instagram business profile; 
  • Be as administrator of a  Fan  Page and have the account linked to your Instagram commercial profile; 
  • Have access to a Facebook Business Manager account; 
  • It is essential to have a product catalog in the Business Manager or a store with the products on Facebook. 

In addition, it  is necessary that you offer physical products, that you agree with the network policies, and that you have at least nine posts on your Instagram account  . Following these precautions, you will be prepared and we can start the steps on  how to set up an online store on Instagram .  

Product Registration on Facebook 

Before items from your virtual store appear on Instagram,  the first step on  how to set up a virtual store on Instagram  is to register them on Facebook. It is at this point  that  you will add the name, descriptions, photos and other information of the items that will be available for sale. 

To get started, go to your company page and click Settings. Search among the options the item “Models and Guides”.  After accessing this screen, activate the store option, as shown in the following example:   

After activating, this tab will already be available on   your company’s Fan Page.  Then it was time to register the products. For this, you will access on  the management page of your  Fan  Page on Facebook. In the more option, click on “Shop”, where you can register your products.  

After clicking on “Go  to Commerce ”, you will be directed to the following screen: 

  • Choose the option that best suits your business strategy. For this example, we use  the option “ My site ”.
  • Choose   your company’s Fan Page and click next. Then, confirm the account name and the page manager. In the next step, you will select the visibility of the products. Finally, set the name of your cat will soon. 
  • After clicking next, you will be directed to the trade manager, you in the side menu, when clicking on “Cat á logo” , you will have the option to register items for your online store. 

After completing this step on  how to set up an online store on Instagram , on the Facebook side, we will go to the final settings on the platform. 

Confirmation of the Virtual Store on Instagram 

In this step of  how to set up an online store on Instagram , you will need to access Instagram itself, within the commercial profile, following the following steps. 

  • Click on “Settings”;
  • In the “Companies” option, select the “Purchases” item;
  • Select the catalog created on Facebook;
  • Return to the profile and find the photo you want to mark the products;
  • At the three dots, go to  “ Edit ”;
  • In the left corner, click on the “+” button, in the option “Mark Products”; 
  • Select the items and press finish. 

Ready. By following these steps you will be  successful  in the  process of setting up an online store on Instagram .  


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