KissCartoon – Is it Safe? Legal Alternatives to KissCartoon

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KissCartoon was a very popular platform and so many people used to visit and enjoy all the content there. It was a free streaming website that had a huge collection of cartoons, movies, and even anime. For many people from all over the world, KissCartoon was their main way of enjoying cartoons.

KissCartoon was also popular because the platform is very accessible. You could open it via any web browser and enjoy any show and movie in HD quality. Of course, you didn’t have to pay for anything to enjoy the content here. Not to mention that the website was user-friendly, so you could easily navigate around and find hidden gems. It was not a surprise that many users consider KissCartoon as a one-stop platform that has everything they enjoy.

Does KissCartoon still exist?

If you have never used KissCartoon before, then you are late to the party. KissCartoon had been operating for about a decade before it got shut down in 2017 after the owner got in trouble with the law in Vietnam. After the platform was shut down, people were disappointed. But soon after that, many clones started to come out and some are still operating today.

So if you see a website that has the name KissCartoon, just remember that it is a clone site. The original KissCartoon got shut down and will never be back again. Some popular clones that we know today are,,, and There may be other similar sites that we haven’t found today, so be aware of them.

Was KissCartoon legal and safe?

By providing licensed content, KissCartoon was deemed as an illegal site. In fact, it was the reason why the platform got shut down. Besides, just like other similar sites, safety isn’t really a priority. So everyone who used to visit might have been exposed to malware or viruses on the platform. This also applies to all KissCartoon’s clones that we have today. They are not illegal and may not be safe to visit.

KissCartoon proxy sites

Proxy sites are sites that are very similar as KissCartoon was and very popular today. If you are looking for an alternative to KissCartoon, you might want to check out these sites.

  • KissAnime. Probably the most popular anime streaming site that we know today. KissAnime has a huge following of anime fans from all over the world. Overall, KissAnime looks and feels very similar to KissCartoon.
  • Anime Toon. Anime Toon is a great alternative to KissCartoon and KissAnime. It offers a huge collection of cartoon series that many people are looking for and love. The platform also updates its collection frequently.
  • Not many people know this site, and you probably think that this is just yet another poorly made clone, but is a pretty good site. The layout is simplistic and allows visitors to navigate easily. Of course, you can enjoy your favorite cartoons for free.

Legal alternatives to KissCartoon

For people who are not excited about KissCartoon clones or other illegal alternatives like KissAnime and Animixplay, these legal alternatives might be more appealing. These legal alternatives are much safer and probably have more cartoons and movies as well. But of course, these platforms aren’t free so you will have to pay for a subscription if you want to enjoy everything. That said, here are the alternatives.

  • Netflix. It is a great and huge platform that is being used by people from all over the world. The best thing about Netflix is that this platform has all kinds of categories, from animation or web series.
  • Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime offers great value for everyone who wants to stream their favorite shows. If Amazon Prime is available in your location, there is really no reason to not get one for yourself.
  • Crunchyroll. If you consider yourself an anime and drama fan, then you will love Crunchyroll. This platform is very popular among anime fans and will continue to keep providing legal content for them.
  • Hulu. Hulu is a big competitor to Netflix and many other streaming platforms. It has many amazing titles like Rick and Mort for example. So expect many more incredible cartoon shows on this platform.
  • Crackle. While Crackle is not as popular as other platforms listed here, it is a pretty good platform for cartoon fans. Moreover, Crackle has a huge collection of movies and TV shows of various genres.


KissCartoon was a very good platform for many people. But it got shut down and people are forced to rely on other platforms to enjoy their favorite shows. Hopefully, these legal alternatives can be the solution for you.

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