Whether to plan which channels to use or which type of loan to invest in marketing to hire, every entrepreneur knows that every day it is necessary to make decisions that focus on the growth of the business. After all, setting up a business and closing sales with customers is not something that happens without hard work and a lot of focus.

In this scenario, marketing strategies can help these efforts and make your company more and more present in the eyes of potential new customers.

Therefore, we will share here a step by step for you to create a plan to use loan to invest in marketing in your company. Read this article and learn more about the different marketing channels, the PJ loan options to invest in your plan and how to keep track and improve the impact of your campaigns on the network!

Discover the marketing channels

You may already be familiar with social media, like facebook and instagram, right? We know that many companies have a presence on these two social media platforms. But, what about the other channels where you could find new customers? It is important to know the different options, their advantages and how you can invest in each one to boost your sales. 

To help, we have created a short guide with the main channels that your client can find you. See the list below and think about which channels to invest to boost your sales.

  • Google search: When a customer searches for your product on google, do you appear as an option? No? So it is worth paying attention to this digital marketing channel. Whether for paid ads or search engine optimization tactics (better known as SEO); 
  • Google My Business: Do you know when you look for a place on google maps and don’t find it? If your business has a physical store or office, customers will be able to find you more easily if your Google My Business data is up to date. Here you can indicate your address, contact details, website, opening hours, in addition to including photos of the place and receive customer reviews;
  • LinkedIn : If you provide services for professionals, LinkedIn is a platform where you can’t help but be. There, you can do marketing actions focused on audiences of specific professionals, in addition to also using inbox tactics to do a more direct and customized marketing for groups of potential new customers;
  • Social Media : Of course, we cannot leave out the darling platforms of the digital world. Facebook and Instagram have powerful advertising tools. There, you can define audiences that have to do with your business and a daily expenditure on advertising to impact these people. Consider all the types and formats of advertising that the platforms offer you, as well as e-commerce options that can help you sell your products right there!
  • Offline channels: If you want to leave the digital world, you can also consider other marketing options such as advertisements on TV, radio, billboards and print media. These are generally more expensive investments, but depending on your business, they may make sense;
  • Word of mouth: Ah! We must not forget that our customers’ referrals are really worth gold! In addition to referring to acquaintances and friends, it is worth investing in evaluation platforms, to ensure that people looking for your brand or product online easily find the reviews of other customers.

And then? What marketing channels can be a good way to invest in advertising? Depending on the profile of your business, one or more of the options above can help you find new customers, expose your products and services and gain confidence in your brand in front of competitors.


Set your budget and create a plan

Having understood the marketing channel options your business has, your next step will be to define a marketing plan. With that in hand, you are getting closer and closer to increasing your reach and boosting your sales. 

Important points for setting the budget amount

  • What is your monthly revenue currently? This is an excellent number to target your budget. It makes no sense to spend more than you currently sell. Choose a percentage that makes sense for your business. Depending on the size of the company and how much you will depend on marketing to generate new sales, specialists tend to indicate an expenditure of 3% to 10% of the revenue ;
  • Does your business have seasonality? If you naturally sell more during some time of the year, you may want to consider lower spending in this period and higher spending in others. Or vice versa if you want to take advantage of periods of high;
  • Where are your customers? Does your customer profile use any more social media platforms or are they everywhere? Think about how and where to diversify your budget;
  • Be flexible. Remember that marketing needs testing, so be aware that you should always monitor your spending by channel and campaign and adjust your budget according to what you learn over the next few months.

With the investment value set and already understanding which marketing channels you want to use, make a budget plan by selected channel.

Understand loan options to invest in marketing 

But what about the capital needed to make this investment? One of the ways used to start investment in marketing is to use a working capital loan for this type of action.

When looking for a loan to invest in marketing, you can consider several options and see which one best fits your company’s scenario and needs. And what types of PJ loans can help you make your marketing plan a reality? See the list below and learn more about your options.

  • Unsecured loan: The l offers PJ unsecured loan. The amounts are from R $ 5,000 to R $ 200,000, in up to 24 installments.
  • Anticipation of receivables : If you work with credit card receivables, you can choose to advance your receivables and use the amount to make your marketing investment.
  • Smoke credit : This is the newest type of credit on the market. Entrepreneurs who accept credit card payments can open their receivables history for analysis and have a credit offer linked to a value of future receivables.  
  • Secured loan: If you have an asset such as property or an automobile, you can use them as collateral to obtain a loan.

So, what kind of loan to invest in marketing can help your company boost sales through the use of advertisements?

Put your plan into action and track the numbers to optimize your spending

You have already defined your plan, you have your marketing channels and campaigns defined. He has already taken out a loan to invest in marketing and is now ready to take off! Then, the time has come to put your plan into action.

Create your accounts on the selected platforms, organize your campaigns, define your audience and spending budget on each channel. Now is the time to get your marketing plan off the ground and put your campaigns on the air. Soon, customers will see your products and services and reach you.

But don’t forget, the job of investing in marketing doesn’t end when hiring campaigns! It is very important that you keep track of your spending and understand which strategies work best. By doing this, you can adjust your plan and have an increasingly assertive and efficient marketing. 

To have this accompanying view, we suggest looking at the following numbers:

  • Has your revenue increased or decreased after investing in marketing?
  • Which channel brought you the most customers ?
  • Which channel brought the most sales, in value ?
  • Comparing the result with the cost of each channel, which one was more worth it ?
  • To be even more assertive, follow these numbers not only by channel but also by campaign .
  • Now that you have these lessons, does it make sense to change your budget for the next month, dedicating different amounts to each channel?

This follow-up exercise will help you understand the returns on your marketing investment. With your eyes on the relevant numbers, you will have the necessary information to adjust your strategy and budget in each channel to be more and more efficient with these expenses. 

And how would your company use a loan to invest in marketing?

We know that many entrepreneurs focus their marketing efforts on the local environment and on social media. In addition to standing out where you are physically active, it is important to have a presence in the digital world as well. So, have you considered that marketing channels fit well with your business needs? There are many options, but certainly investing in marketing can help you increase your sales level more and more.

Today, you can do some specific marketing actions. But, can a greater investment in your company’s marketing help to leverage your business? The covid-19 crisis has shown us that online sales are an excellent way to reach customers, even those who cannot physically go to your business to make a purchase. In addition, you can invest in marketing channels with precision to focus on the type of audience you are looking for. 

A PJ loan can be an excellent tool for investing in your company’s marketing, reaching more customers and boosting your sales. That way, BizCapital can help.

So, apply for a loan to invest in quick marketing without bureaucracy on our website . Biz offers a business loan of up to R $ 200 thousand up to 24 times, with a 100% digital process