The complex and extremely detailed world building make GTA 5 a long-runner even years after its release. In 2019, the title was number 4 of the most watched games on Twitch, ahead of World of Warcraft or Dota 2. The online networking via our own hosted servers on which players with their special interests meet to create their own personal version of GTA to live – GTA as roleplay is booming.
The servers are programmed with special mods in such a way that they comply with the laws of the respective RP community. This starts with small adjustments such as the obligation to keep at red lights and can extend to extensive interventions in the game mechanics, such as removing all NPCs so that the world is only populated by real players.
In order to maintain these special characteristics and thus the general level of play, many communities now require new members to submit their own application, often with an introduction via video chat. It can even be a prerequisite that you have already internalized the rules of the respective Roleplay Community Server. This is not intended as a chicane but rather as a protective mechanism to ensure a high-quality gaming experience and only allow access to those players who are actually interested in GTA roleplay.

It starts with the person

How you then shape your character in terms of personality, appearance and other peculiarities is entirely up to you. Do you as a criminal make the streets of Los Santos unsafe with your gang or do you as a police officer ensure order and rise to the position of public prosecutor or even mayor? Depending on the server, sophisticated social systems allow you to choose from a wide variety of professions, the tasks of which you then have to perform in the game. From the DJ to the head of a fast food chain or a lawyer defending the criminals in court, the possibilities are diverse.
Here you can watch streamer Sodapoppin taking his first steps in GTA roleplay and creating his character:

1. Remain in your role

The Los Santos of the roleplay communities lives from the fact that you constantly develop your character and try to play it as authentically as possible. It is important to maintain the illusion. And therefore you should avoid falling out of your role if possible and doing things that would normally be atypical or inappropriate for your character. At the challenge, try to choose all decisions and reactions in the same way as the character you invented would make.

2. Avoid meta-gaming

GTA Roleplay is experiencing a tremendous hype, especially on Twitch. Many streamers have created their own characters and populate the streets of Los Santos. Naturally, their viewers do not remain hidden from what they are doing in their role. For example, if a streamer is a gang member and is working on a large-scale bank robbery, it would be easy for you to scout out their plans. This obtaining of information outside of the game is called meta-gaming and is usually strictly forbidden. Because the advantages that you get from such leaks in the game would destroy a fair roleplay. So be careful not to spoil yourself when you are on Twitch and Co. and discover streamers from your own roleplay community.
You can find all kinds of RP servers

3. Don’t talk to each other

Role-playing games naturally develop as you play them. Your characters grow with new challenges and a changing game world. It shouldn’t be any different in GTA Roleplay either. Therefore, scripting, i.e. discussing the approach and behavior of your characters while you are not in the game or in your role, is forbidden on most servers. Always try to make the decisions for your role in the game, not least because it makes the game experience so much more exciting and real.

4. Only old friends are good friends

Scripting in roleplay is generally frowned upon, but a special exception allows you to soften this dogma to something at least once – the so-called “old friends rule”. In most of the GTA roleplay communities it is, as it were, permitted as common law. It says that you can think up a small-scale background story with players you know privately or from other virtual environments, which you weave into the roleplay and work on there. So you don’t have to completely ignore your in-game acquaintances and pretend you don’t know them.
Good cops or bad cops? You decide.

Roleplay shortcuts

Finally, the little roleplay shortcuts multiplication table. So that you are rhetorically equipped for all eventualities in the chat:
  • RP: role-play
  • OOC: out of character
  • LOOC: local out of character
  • IC: in character
  • CK: character kill
  • PK: player kill
  • RDM: random deathmatch