Around two years ago, Apex Legends blossomed into a surprise hit among multiplayer games. The 9th season is already in the starting blocks, which will bring some fresh ideas with it from May 4th . We’ll tell you what to expect in Season 9 under the name Legacy and give you tips for getting started.
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Valkyrie Guide: How to Play the New Legend

With the jetpack you can quickly reach higher areas to give you and your squad a tactical advantage. So that the jetpack is not overpowering, the makers of Respawn Entertainment have built in a fuel gauge .
If you run out of fuel, you will be forced to land – it also takes a long time to recharge. In addition, it is not possible to use weapons when flying with the jetpack.
In addition, the jetpack is relatively loud and audible over long distances, so be sure to keep your ears open and use the ability wisely.
The tactical ability is actually more of a tactical benefit, because the damage caused by the missiles is rather mediocre . Nevertheless, the Missile Swarm is suitable for slowing down the movements and aim of your opponents by means of stuning – roughly like an Arc Star, but not that long.
In addition, Valkyrie is the only character in Apex Legends able to use a titanium HUD while skydiving. Here other players are shown in direct line of sight for you and your squad – unlike the scan of Bloodhound, players are not revealed through walls.
You can not only use this HUD when jumping at the beginning of a round, but also combine it with Valkyrie’s Ultimate or the jump pads on the maps to give yourself an advantage in a running game.
Valkyrie floats through the air with the jetpack.  The gadget has a fuel gauge, and you cannot defend yourself in flight.

The Bocek compound bow

Apex Legends Season 9 is also introducing the Bocek Compound Bow, a brand new weapon from the sniper rifle category . The bow is suitable for medium distances and causes enormous damage . It is also significantly quieter than all other guns in the game, making it the perfect choice if you want to surprise your opponents.
So that the bow is not too strong, the arrows and the tensioning of the bow are still audible . With the bow, a new type of ammunition has also found its way into Apex Legends: arrows. But since these are rather rare on the maps, shot arrows can simply be collected again by simply approaching the location of the impact.
The Bocek Arch has two hop-up slots :
  • Shatter Caps: Shotgun projectiles for short ranges.
  • Deadeye’s speed: If you shoot an arrow at the right moment (when the string is pulled back the furthest), your cocking and shooting speed increases significantly
The Shatter Caps make the bow the ideal companion in tight spaces. This hop-up is also available to the 3030 repeater with the legacy update .
On the other hand, Deadeye’s Tempo Hop-Up is extremely difficult to learn because the timing has to be exactly right. This hop-up is also available to the Sentinel with Apex Legends Season 9 .
We use the new Bocek compound bow.  The new weapon in Season 9 Legacy is also suitable for close combat with the right hop-up.
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In arenas, two teams of three players compete against each other on smaller maps. Similar to CS: GO or Valorant , weapons and even skills need to be acquired in the purchase phase before the start of the round.

The arenas are based on the Gauntles, which Titanfall 2 fans should fondly remember.

Ashley Reed, Senior Game Designer at Respawn Entertainment
For this you need materials that you can find on the map or receive for certain actions within a round. The team that won three rounds first will be crowned the winner.
According to Robert West , Arenas Designer at Respawn Entertainment, the first prototype of the new mode was tested in September 2019 – at that time with eight teams of three on the classic battle royale maps.
he balanced shop system allows players to focus more on character skills or weapon updates.
Robert West, Arenas Designer at Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Arenas plays much faster than the familiar mode, games last a maximum of 15 minutes . In addition, the mode allows you to adjust to the opponents in the course of the game – unlike in Battle Royale, you get to do it in a match over several rounds with the same trio and can adjust your tactics accordingly.
The Apex Legends Arenas card Party Crasher at a glance.  This new mode is all about quick, short arena matches
tips for the Arenas mode
Keep in mind that purchased weapons are reset after each round , but purchased and unused skill recharges remain . In the first round it is often advisable not to buy any weapons or items – this way you have more credits available for round 2.
Make sure to use the points of interest on the arena maps to take your squad into tactically important positions.
There are two brand new maps for the start of the Arenas mode:
  • Party Crasher: a tight, winding map for quick battles
  • Phase Runner : a more open, expansive map for ranged combat
There is also a smaller Arenas variant for each of the three classic Apex Legends maps , which changes every 14 days. The artillery area of ​​the Königsschlucht is the beginning, parts of the world’s Edge and Olympus follow. In addition, the developers want to gradually add more maps.
Team play is crucial in Apex Legends Arenas mode. Stay together if possible and secure tactically important positions such as the ship “Mirage’s Voyage” on Party Crasher, from which you can see the entire map.
Talk to your teammates about the equipment – if all three players are out with a shotgun, it is rather counterproductive. The choice of legends can also differentiate between victory and defeat: Bloodhound and Lifeline are a strong duo, as you can scan the card and heal yourself. Also Fuse and Gibralta r are outstanding with their combination of skills. Many useful combos are possible here.
The Apex Legends Arenas Phase Runner map at a glance.  There are two own maps at the start, more will follow.
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Rework of the Olympus card

The Olympus map will be revised with Season 9.  A huge plant offers new tactical possibilities.
Olympus plays very differently after the rework
Last, but not least, Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy is reworking the Olympus map introduced in Season 7 A huge plant overgrows the city, which greatly changes the layout and feel of the game.