Most Japanese girls can boast a skin without blemishes, pimples and with a lot of luminosity. Although largely due to its genetics, it is also a product of  Saho , a beauty routine that has been passed down from generation to generation to have a porcelain-like finish on the skin of the face.

If you want to know what this routine is about, how to carry it out and witness the result, prepare a pen and paper to follow the instructions to the letter. You will not regret.

What is  saho ?

It is a Japanese beauty ritual based on the tea ceremony. In this, a set of highly elaborated rules must be followed to prepare a perfect tea. Fortunately, in  Saho,  just follow three steps: double cleaning, double hydration and double application.

How to do the saho ritual in the beauty routine

1. Double cleaning: To accomplish this point, two types of cleaners are used. The first one based on milk or oil that must be placed on a cotton ball to later clean the face in circular movements. The second cleanser should be a foam or soap with which you will wash your face regularly.

2. Double hydration: After double cleaning and with great care, wipe the face with a warm, moist towel to dilate. After two minutes, apply the serum of your choice and, when absorbed, apply your favorite moisturizer

3. Double application:  It consists of applying the creams and serums in a specific way. The first step is to warm the product in your hands and then apply it with circular massages. The second step of the application is to warm the hands by rubbing them and then applying them on the face with little pressure, as this will help the products to penetrate better.

Take care of yourself from the inside out 

Remember that to achieve the porcelain effect, it will not only be necessary to follow the Saho routine  , but also a good diet rich in collagen and vitamin E. In addition, drink two liters of natural water a day and use sunscreen. This may seem complicated, but as soon as you start doing it, it becomes part of your daily routine and the benefits are spectacular.