The 4 best marketing automation tools you shouldn't miss

Overworking is a pain in every marketer. A normal employee works 8.5 hours a day, and time is precious during this working period.  Marketing teams need sufficient time to analyze their work ahead of the steps.  Unfortunately, many employees need to avoid brainstorming that fosters creative thinking in order to finish their tasks on time. 

The Response of Full-Time Marketing Employees to a Dilemma Is Not Shocking.

In fact, this answer has been used for centuries: automation. Are you not convinced? Consider the printing press. The printing press revolutionized the ability to mass-produce text by changing the way people interact with information, and the printing press did its job thanks to automation.

Most automation tools based on modern technology will not turn the world upside down as the original press did.

Yet the right automation can increase the productivity, speed, and profitability of any marketing department. And your goal as a leader is to find out which innovations are best for you. If you don’t know which ones are the best, ask your team to bring you some suggestions. 

To get started, check out the marketing automation tool categories below. Each of these automation miracles listed below can help you gain an edge in today’s competitive business environment.

1. PandaDoc 

Most marketers spend a lot of time reviewing, submitting, and receiving documents ranging from offers to contracts. This is normal, but it can also be annoying. Creating all these items from scratch takes time and effort, even with keyboard copy and paste functions. It can also be difficult to turn documents into legally binding commitments, especially when everyone is working remotely.

Products like PandaDoc, an all-in-one document automation tool, help streamline contracts, deals, and offers. Automating such functions is not limited to simply allowing you to eliminate the need for handwritten signatures on contracts. Pandadoc also supports real-time editing by both parties and allows you to collect useful analytics. If you already rely on other programs, make sure that any automated documentation platform you are considering is seamlessly compatible.

2. Ontraport

Advanced and targeted marketing campaigns are the lifeblood of any marketing team. Still, starting new ones can require hours of reprogramming and optimization. The sooner you come up with a tried and true campaign, you can make changes instantly, and the faster you hit “start” the better. This is where a marketing campaign automation platform like Ontraport reduces your redundancies.

You want to be allowed to collect critical data as potential customers move through your customer lifecycle journey. Automated campaign tools help you see clearly what is happening at each stage. Otherwise, you cannot decide what to duplicate and what to do again. Make sure you don’t have to deal with a lot of other tools and integrations by the software. The less babysitting you need for a newly launched campaign, the better. 

You can try Ontraport during the first 14 days trial period, after which you can take advantage of prices starting from $ 79 per month.

3.Sprout Social

Even with a solid content calendar, you’ll find it difficult to post consistently. It can be difficult to remember to upload everything and release it at exactly the right time. Handling everything by hand also opens the door for a lot of human mistakes and missteps. What about social listening? This is even more difficult and difficult for your team to handle.

So how can you stay one step ahead of the game and promote your brand online without stressing your co-workers? Try a “set and forget” platform like Sprout Social, which stands out for its social media management. The company has been around long enough to have a stable and reliable interface. You can also control and evaluate social media ad campaigns from the highly intuitive control panel. Is it the only downside? If you’re trying to own a TikTok piece, you may need to find a different partner. Sprout Social has not been compatible with TikTok to date.

You can try Sprout Social free for 30 days, then get it at prices from $ 99.


All marketers use a variety of communication channels to connect with consumers. Emails, texts, push notifications… even DMs. However, if you’re distributing emails on a case-by-case basis (even if the “cases” are consumer buckets), you’re wasting your precious time. Instead, what you need is to create a customer contact that is triggered automatically. That way, customers will be greeted with personalized, relevant messages on the spot and instantly as they take the next steps.

Which customer communication automation tool makes sense? A highly respected competitor is data-driven SaaS The instant feedback of the mature platform ensures that you are not left behind in keeping up with outgoing content. Remember: Real-time pivot and responsive messaging were crucial to keeping customers at the head of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, the same customers expect you to communicate quickly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which can only be done with automation. is free for 14 days, then starts at $ 150.


Do you feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of adding another technology to your team’s game, playbook?
No worries. Spend the next few weeks jotting down everything you do, over and over. Then use your findings to find out which type of automated marketing tool makes sense and could benefit you the most.
Search for a few different “help” and check out the free trials. There are many good options within these help tools – make your choice. It will give you serious returns, positive feedback, including increasing the productivity of your team, the ability to focus on your company’s higher-level goals.