Between dance videos and beauty tutorials, certain pieces of clothing are beginning to become a trend on TikTok. Check out some pieces that came into fashion thanks to this application.

After TikTok became the number one point of contact for inspiration in beauty and fashion in recent months, new trends are regularly emerging there. And these not only go viral, but are also noticeable away from the app. According to a  Stylight trend report , searches on “Google Trends” for “TikTok Fashion” have skyrocketed 195% worldwide since the beginning of 2020. But which styles are currently the most popular and which are already familiar to us? We want to reveal this to you here.

TikTok: these fashion trends are the most popular

2000s style trousers

2021 is already the year of the twists and turns. Cargo pants, sweatpants , loose jeans and funky jeans – we experienced a real déjà vu at TikTok, because the most popular pants resemble the 2000s. Baggy pants are not only the most comfortable option, but also the perfect combination of relaxation and a certain sense of trend. Search interest for wide jeans on Google in early 2021 increased by 170% compared to the previous year.


If you’re wondering what TikTok fashion trends are worth investing in, let me say quickly: cropped tops . Because they subtly show some skin, and they will be seen all year round. Whether as an asymmetrical version, a long-sleeved sweater or a top with a high collar, only the sophisticated and subtly sexy cuts are important. 

Matching sweatshirt sets

Since the pandemic at the latest, leisure clothing has not only been used indoors, but also outdoors. At TikTok, matching running suits stand out, that is, comfortable tops and pants that have the same color or pattern – and are perfectly coordinated.

Oval sunglasses

The influence of the 2000s and therefore of Generation Z, which is still the most important target group for TikTok, is not limited to accessories. The narrower, the greater the retro feeling. 

Pleated skirts

We all have Regina George’s Mean Girls pleated miniskirt in mind. And exactly this model is celebrating a comeback! At least as far as trendsetters at TikTok are concerned. The pink checkered miniskirt in particular can be seen everywhere.


Tops and corsets are the sexy counterpart to loose jeans at TikTok. If it is wide and casual at the bottom, then it can be tightened at the top to emphasize our curves. In line with this, we have already become accustomed to bra-free outfits in the home office, which are superfluous again with these tops. 

Sleeveless knitting sweater

It may not be as sexy as the bodice blouse, but this slightly discreet trend seems to be one of the most popular styles on the Generation Z platform: the sleeveless sweater. This nerdy piece, be it in pastel colors or in vintage style in natural colors, is a real spring must-have. Search interest in Google increased by 54% in January 2021 compared to January 2020.