Dramacool: Top 50 Alternative Websites of Drama Cool in 2022

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For a long time now, Dramacool has been providing many drama fans from all over the world with some of the best Korean dramas and films and reliable to boot. Not onyl that, but the platform is also regarded as reliable and excellent to the point that it won’t let you down. From the technical point of view, Dramacool is not without flaws, but nothing serious that can ruin your experience. In fact, I don’t think you will find any major problems on the platform.

What is Dramacool?

Dramacool is a platform that provides users with Asian drama, movies, and series, and complete with English subtitles. Also, you can watch the content on the platform in high definition without any problems. Dramacool is also an Android app that can be enjoyed by all fans of Asian dramas. Moreover, you can even request new shows that aren’t on the platform yet.

The selection you have on Dramacool is nothing to be underestimated. There are so many options you have here, from dramas to films. And everything is provided with English subtitles, so anyone can enjoy the show. Not to mention that the audio and video quality is high and synced very well.

If you know how to navigate yourself in Dramacool, obviously, you can keep up with all your favorite Asian drama shows. Overall, Dramacool has provided countless fans with fun and enjoyment that may be difficult to get depending on where you live or how much money you can afford to spend.

How to access Dramacool?

First thing first, open Dramacool from your Android app. Then, find your favorite Korean drama from the list. If you can’t find it, you can file a request for your movies, dramas, or shows via the live chat movie request. You can also get the Telegram channel link from the live chat. To do that simply click the Telegram link to open the app and you will see the channel. Now you can download the movie and start watching.

So you can download and watch your favorite dramas for free. Obviously, you may want to use Wi-Fi instead of a mobile connection to download. You may have to spend a lot of bandwidth to download the movies from Dramacool.

Is Dramacool not working for you?

If Dramacool isn’t working for you for whatever reason, you can try these steps to get rid of the problems.

  • Empty your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • If that fails, try to clear your DNS cache.
  • Thirdly, restart your computer and router.
  • Use a proxy to access Dramacool.

Legal alternatives of Dramacool

Before we learn of other alternatives of Dramacool, let’s see all the legal alternatives first.

  • Dramago. This platform is very popular nowadays, complete with a user-friendly layout and simple UI. Everything is easy to use and navigate.
  • NewAsian TV. Not many people know this one, but you can definitely try it and see if you’ll like it or not. It has many dramas and movies from Korea and China.
  • YouTube. It’s difficult to ignore YouTube nowadays, especially when many big channels are uploading legal content there.
  • Toggle. You can find many new and old Chinese dramas here.
  • Dramanice. A large variety of dramas, from new to old ones. And no annoying ads as well.

Top 50 alternatives to Dramacool

  1. Pinoytvtambayanreplay.su
  2. M4uHD
  3. dramaz.se
  4. Newasiantv.tv
  5. Dramanice.movie
  6. asianwiki.su
  7. Koreandramahd.com
  8. fastdrama.me
  9. Dramacooltv.co
  10. Dramacooltv.ru
  11. driver1.co
  12. kissasian.la
  13. dramacool.ca
  14. teleserye.su
  15. Einthusan
  16. Dramacool9.live
  17. pinoyreplaytv.su
  18. kissasian.ai
  19. Kissasianin.com
  20. kviki.me
  21. dramacool.video
  22. watchasian.to
  23. Dramacooltv.su
  24. dramanicein.com
  25. Dramacool.info
  26. Trustdrama.com
  27. Koreandrama.es
  28. Dramacooltv.org
  29. Dramacools.su
  30. dramacool.uk
  31. Dramacool9.co
  32. dramanice.video
  33. Dramacool.bz
  34. Gogoanimetv.su
  35. polldrama.com
  36. Pinoytvchannelreplay.su
  37. Stackmovie.com
  38. drama3s.me
  39. Kdramastv.com
  40. ahnames.com
  41. bts47.com
  42. Kshows.to
  43. 2lambingan.su
  44. dramacool.vin
  45. Dramacool.us.com
  46. koreandramas.me
  47. Pinoystvreplay.su
  48. Kissasians.su
  49. kdramacools.com
  50. asianrun.com
  51. Myasiantv.io
  52. Kissasian.id

All these alternatives are great and definitely worth a try. Besides, with these many alternatives, you will have no problems catching on to the latest episodes of your favorite drama, movies, and shows.

Why do we need alternatives?

Platforms like Dramacool are always facing serious problems with DMCA. In fact, according to the latest rumors, there has been many serious copyright infringement claims that may disturb the operation of this platform. Furthermore, some countries have also started to block Dramacool.

How to access Dramacool safely?

Now, here are some steps you can do to protect yourself:

  • Don’t click on any ads, or even better, use an adblocker.
  • Make sure your antivirus is updated and running.
  • Avoid sites like Dramacool if possible.


The reason why Dramacool may not be safe for you is that with platforms like this, the protection is very minimal. The result is that many people are using sites like this to steal your data or infect your computer and device with malware. Overall, Dramacool is easy to use, but beware of suspicious links and annoying adverts.

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