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Outer space

Space Movie is the kind of movie that makes you wonder why this movie was even made. The movie came out in 1992 and since then has made people either shake their hands or laugh uncontrollably. If you know about the movie The Room, then you know how some people think about Space Movie 1992.

There is also a theory that says the movie was supposed to come out two years later. But for some reason, they had a strong reason to release it in 1992. Here are some interesting facts about this weird movie.

Space Movie 1992

Space Movie came out in 1992 and you can watch it on soap2dayto. It tells a story about two soldiers facing a great war that they are not prepared for. Then, they got stranded in space after destroying their troop transport. So they are looking for ways to survive, only to learn new things about each other.

During their journey together, they fight off many space pirates they come across. They even helped a female captive who was forced to be a slave. Space Movie 1992 is an action-adventure film starred by Jason Beghe as Johnny Rico.

The controversial real title of Space Movie 1992

As it turned out, Space Movie wasn’t intended to be the original title. The original title is very controversial, especially in the current political climate. Todd Disney was the person who rejected the original title when he was asked to direct the movie. I don’t think will take the movie seriously if the original title was approved. Even now, so many people think the movie is pointless and just plain silly.

But here is the thing, if you look up the original title, you can find many results on search engines. Apparently, many people know this movie more as the original title than Space Movie. It seems like the original title really made many people curious and talk about this movie.

The plot, cast, and more

The year the movie released

Space Movie came out in 1992, and it is a space movie first and foremost. It came out as a short film rather than just a full-length movie. The new director at that time, Morten Lindberg, decided to re-release the film in theatres using the original title in 1993.

Where did this movie get released?

The film was shot in Denmark, but not many people know that. At first, the film was also released in Danish, Instruktørens guide. That is, until they decided to release it in English title. The running time is rather short, which is only 26 minutes and 45 seconds. But don’t let the running time fool you, as some people even said that it is one of the best space movies ever released. The notoriety of the movie certainly helped.

The language of the movie

Don’t worry, Space Movie 1992 is in English and not Danish. The plot is also rather easy to follow. You will see these scientists working and living their lives in an orbital research platform called Discovery. The conflict happens when they receive a distress signal from a drifted ship called Nostromo.

The plot

Nostromo itself is the main ship that leads the discovery of alien lives. The people in Nostromo have found an alien life form that breeds within human hosts. Kind of similar to the movie Alien if you think about it. So once the alien attached itself to a host, the host will be turned into a vessel that breeds new aliens. The alien itself looks like a big worm. The end is rather gruesome, the alien offspring will cut its way out of the host by using its acid blood.

The director

The director was Morten Lindberg, the person who made the movie happen. He was working beside the editor, Prami Larsen, the two of them are Danish and have worked together in other films as well. Thanks to their hard work, Space Movie 1992 received a score of 82% or just under 4/5 stars.


Space Movie 1992 is such a weird film. The plot, characters, and stories behind the film, everything about this movie is so interesting to learn. If you are curious about this film, then what are you waiting for? Go check it out and see for yourself.

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