Guide about the Picuki: Instagram Editor and Viewer


The social media platforms that we have today changed how we see the world. For many people, social media platforms have also changed how they do things. Even the most mundane things in life such as relaxing and filling up time have changed as well. Now, social media platforms have become close friends to many people.

It doesn’t stop there, as social media platforms keep evolving, some important aspects of people’s lives have changed too. Take Instagram for example, people are building their careers on Instagram, either by being an influencer or promoting their products/services. Evidently, Instagram has become a way of life for many people. Therefore, it is natural that many Instagram users are looking for ways to improve their experiences with the platform.

The first thing that everyone notices when using Instagram is the profile pictures. It is the window for other users to look into your profile. An interesting profile could be the key to success. So it isn’t surprising that people are taking it seriously.

Speaking of profile pictures, there is a tool that you can use to improve yours. The name of the tool is Picuki, an Instagram editor and viewer that has many powerful features.

What is Picuki?

As mentioned above, Picuki is an Instagram viewer and editor that allows its users to view and edit Instagram photos, locations, followers, hashtags, posts, stories, and profiles. You can do all these without even logging into your profile first. It is a simple tool yet powerful and convenient.

First of all, you can view and edit your Instagram media forever without paying a single penny. That’s right, Picuki is a free tool that everyone can use forever. You are free to use all of its features without any limitations.

Besides using it on your own profile, you can also use Picuki to check others’ profiles, followers, and posts. You can pretty much dive deep into someone’s profile with ease. Even checking out someone’s following list is quick and painless. Also, with Picuki, you can search any Instagram hashtag you want.

Another great feature is downloading others’ content. So you can check others’ profiles and download any pieces of content that you like. Last but not least, if you are concerned about security, Picuki doesn’t store any of your personal data, including pictures and videos.

Is Picuki safe and legal?

I can confidently say that Picuki is safe and legal. It doesn’t store your personal data and is basically a tool that allows you to browse Instagram with ease. Furthermore, the tool is free, so you don’t have to worry about giving anyone your credit card information.

Why would you use Picuki?

Despite being free and lightweight, Picuki can improve your content and business reach. For example, you can explore deeper into each hashtag that might be beneficial for your business or profile. You can also check your potential customers or audience easily with Picuki. In other words, you can do market research with this free tool.

How to use Picuki?

Using Picuki is rather simple, it will probably take you several minutes to master it. Mainly, you can use Picuki to search for an account and a hashtag. To search for an account, you need to enter the website,, and simply enter the username that you want to search or check. You will then find all the usernames that are related to the keyword you entered. Click on a profile, and now you can browse to your heart’s content. Now you can download, browse, and consume media that you want.

To search a hashtag, you can do the same thing, but this time type in the hashtag that you want. Then, select Tags above the search results, and you will see the results. Now you can see all kinds of content that are related to the hashtag that you are looking for.

You can try Picuki right now

Picuki is free and lightweight, and is also easy and safe to use. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t try this tool. If you are curious about Picuki, simply go to the website and try it yourself.

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